While the holiday season is not the busiest time of year in the real estate market, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad time to sell your home. In fact, when you sell between November and January you’re likely to encounter very motivated buyers. You can also make your home look especially inviting during the holiday season, making it more attractive to buyers. But there are some things you should know to ensure a successful sale. Here’s what needs to be on your radar when you’re selling your home during the holidays.

Keep the decorations simple

Decking the halls is one of the best parts of the holiday season. And it can make your home look warm, inviting, and cheerful to prospective buyers. But don’t go overboard. Keep your decorations simple this year. Opt for decor that is more “winter” in nature as opposed to religious. And it’s OK to put up a Christmas tree, but make sure it’s the right size for the room. A very large tree can make your room look cramped, so opt for something smaller this year.

Focus on your curb appeal

The holiday season is a great time to focus on your curb appeal. But just like your indoor decorations, you should also keep your outdoor display on the simple side. Festive white string lights can make your home look cozy. Add a winter wreath to your front door. And be sure to keep the yard clean and free of debris. If needed, paint your front door and clean the gutters.

Crank up the heat

Make visiting buyers feel warm and cozy by cranking up the heat during a showing. This is especially important in cold climates. If you have a fireplace, then have a fire going during their tour. Play soft jazz or classical music and leave out some delicious holiday treats to make your home feel like an escape from the cold outside.

Price it correctly

The real estate market has been in a state of flux since interest rates have risen in the last few months. Home buyers have more negotiating room than they did earlier this year, and you will need to keep that in mind if you are selling. Work with your agent to find the right selling price for your home. They have the knowledge and experience to help you determine what that listing price should be.

Find motivated buyers

As we said above, those that are house-hunting during the holidays are probably more motivated than buyers are at other times of the year. Work with your agent to target buyers who may be on a deadline. Buyers looking for homes this time of year include those relocating for work, investors who want to hit tax deadlines, and even military personnel if your home is near a military base.

Find time to enjoy yourself

Finally, selling a home can be stressful. That’s why we recommend giving yourself time to just enjoy the holiday season. Make sure to plan times when you can be with family and friends to make the most of this time of year.

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