What Upfront Costs Are Involved With Selling A House?

Jamie Carmouche October 24, 2014

What Upfront Costs Are Associated With Selling A House? - Boise Real Estate

It can be confusing about which costs and fees are paid by the buyer and which costs are the responsibility of the seller.  Below are a few of the typical fees paid by the seller in a real estate transaction.

Appraisal – $450

Agent Compensation – 6% of the Purchase Price (This amount depends on the compensation agreement with the listing agent.  Planning on selling your existing home and buying a new one?  Click here [link].)

Seller’s Title Policy – Dependent on the price of the house (as an example for reference, a seller’s title policy on a $200,000 house is $995)

Half of Escrow Fee – Fee that the title company charges to do the closing; based on the price of the house

Property Taxes Up to Day of Closing

HOA, Irrigation and Utilities Up to Day of Closing

Flood Cert Fee – $22.50 (verifies whether the home is in a flood plain)

Release Services Fee – $68 for each loan you have on the property

Tax Service Fee – Pays for the title company’s research regarding any delinquent taxes on the property $50

*Note:  The above are approximations.  Closing costs vary between transactions.

The closing costs can vary slightly between each title company, but the above list will give you some idea of the costs associated with selling a house.  There are additional fees that may be charged at closing depending on the specific transaction.  My job is to make sure you know all of those before we get to the closing table so there are no surprises.

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