What Does It Cost To Use A Real Estate Agent To Buy A House?

Jamie Carmouche October 22, 2014

How Much Will It Cost Me to Use A Real Estate Agent? - Boise Real Estate
How Much Will It Cost Me to Use A Real Estate Agent to Buy A House? – Boise Real Estate

What Will I Have To Pay?

Many people think they have to pay a real estate agent when they use them to buy a house, and are surprised to learn that it doe not cost them anything. An agent is typically paid by the sellers in a transaction, NOT the buyers. This is just one more reason why it is important to find a real estate agent that is experienced and that you trust to help with the purchase of your new home.  The process will generally be smoother and less stressful, which is always my goal.

Don’t I Have To Use The Agent Who Has The Home Listed For Sale?

There are some who think that using the listing agent for a home (the agent who has the house for sale) is required. It is NOT required to use the listing agent, and in fact you will get better representation most of the time if you have your own agent. If I had someone negotiating for me in a financial transaction, I would want someone who only represents me, rather than me AND the person on the other side of the transaction. Although it is personal preference, I always want the best deal I can possibly get and for me that would mean having my OWN representation in a transaction.

What If A House Is Listed With A Brokerage Other Than Silvercreek Realty Group?  Can You Still Help Me Buy That House?

Yes!  I am able to help you buy any house that is for sale, regardless of which agent or brokerage has it listed. Some people think that if another brokerage has a property listed I am unable to sell it to them because I am with Silvercreek Realty Group and that is just not the case, which is great news for you!

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