Thumbs Up: How Social Media is Helping Sell Boise, Idaho Real Estate

Jamie Carmouche January 13, 2014

There’s no denying that the residential real estate industry was rocked by the burst of the housing bubble back in 2008. However, 2013 showed encouraging signs for the Idaho market as proven by the rush of home buying in the middle of the year. As writes:

The Boise housing market is coming off the strongest sales period the region has seen since before the housing bubble burst in 2008. Low interest rates and relatively low demand helped drive home values higher this summer.

Homes sometimes sold within hours of being listed, sellers were getting multiple offers, and realtors were seemingly working around the clock. The month of July was the most active the market has been since before the recession. Privately, some in the industry even wondered if the market was getting too hot too fast, and another bubble was around the corner. A quieter August and September helped quell those fears.

As stated in the article, the fact that some homes were sold as soon as they were listed shows that there is fierce demand in the local housing market. Therefore, it really pays to work with an established Boise, Idaho real estate company that will help you sell or buy a house as soon as possible. These days, leading realtors like Jamie Carmouche have even leveraged the power of social media to generate greater exposure for available properties. How so?


Aside from posting pictures of available real estate in Boise, Idaho, agents can also use Facebook to post about the neighborhood’s social events, new businesses or facilities being constructed, and the culture of the area—things that give prospective buyers a clearer idea of what living in Boise is like. Furthermore, the social network has an event function that can be used to schedule open houses.


Although a relative newbie to the social media landscape, Pinterest is quickly gaining a dedicated following for its unique feature—a virtual pin board for inspiring images. Its all-visual approach makes it an ideal platform for “pinning” a home’s architectural highlights and standout features to attract buyers.


Want to view a house in person but your schedule is packed? Agents now use YouTube to upload virtual tours, so prospective buyers can inspect a home’s interior from their laptop or mobile device, the next best thing to actually being there.

When it comes time to select an agent, make sure to choose one who is savvy both in the real world and online. With the tight competition for homes in Idaho, utilizing most, if not all, available methods of marketing can really help a lot.

(Article Information and Image from Data: How Idaho’s Housing Market Has Changed Since 2006, BoiseStatePublicRadio, October 28, 2013)