Potato Power: Take Advantage of Boise, Idaho Real Estate Opportunities

Jamie Carmouche December 19, 2013

A December 12, 2013 article on the MarketWatch website illustrates why the state of Idaho is perfect for retirees. While best known for its potato produce, Idaho boasts many more attractions that are sure to draw in enthusiasts from all over the country. The article mentions a lot of great things about the state, such as:

The Snake River offers world-renowned fly-fishing, and trout swim abundantly in dozens of lakes near Coeur D’Alene in the northern “panhandle” part of the state. Idaho also boasts more miles of white-water river, ideal for rafting and kayaking, than anywhere else in the lower 48 states. Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park sit on the state’s eastern border, and local golf courses and parks offer more opportunities for boating, hunting, biking and other outdoor activities.

Idaho’s “Potato State” nickname may conjure images of vast swaths of farmland, but Idaho has no shortage of cultural attractions. Its capital, Boise, has a philharmonic orchestra, a ballet and an opera company, in addition to a number of well-regarded art museums and public art works. Idaho Falls also has its own symphony and ballet, as well as museums, galleries and theaters.

To fully enjoy the wealth of activities Idaho has to offer, folks will need to purchase a home within the state. While it may seem like an easy enough task, some buyers might find it difficult to find the right house, let alone properly close the deal with sellers. Those experiencing difficulty in purchasing property might want to enlist the services of a Boise, Idaho real estate professional.

Real estate agents can simplify the entire process of purchasing a home. Agents can help homebuyers find a house that matches their needs and budget, and can even give tours of these properties. More importantly, real estate agents can help broker a deal between the buyer and the seller for the price and terms of the sale. Finally, agents coordinate with the buyer’s lender and title agent in order to let the loan agreements fall through.

Naturally, buyers will want to find good homes at reasonable prices; who wouldn’t want a house that looks good and costs fair? For that, they’ll need a local Meridian, Idaho real estate agent like Jamie Carmouche. Agents based in a given area are sure to know the region like the back of their hands, and should be aware of homes that offer the best deals.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Retire Here, Not There: Idaho, MarketWatch, December 12, 2013)

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