How Your House Can Stand Out on the Boise, Idaho Real Estate Market

Jamie Carmouche November 19, 2013

According to an article on the Chicago Tribune, there are many measures homeowners can take to ensure their house generates interest in prospective buyers before putting their house up for sale:

When you’re ready to sell your house, it pays to assess your home and make improvements before the for-sale sign goes in the yard. By doing so, you’ll help buyers see the beauty of your home — and that helps put the sold sign up faster. Especially in today’s tough market for home sellers, attention to details and a willingness to go the extra mile can make all the difference.

A study conducted by has claimed that Boise, Idaho is one of the top 100 places to live in the United States in 2014, coming in at number 11, based on factors such as education, healthcare, and available amenities. This is great news for people looking to sell their homes. However, the news of Boise’s fantastic living conditions is sure to cause a spike in the number of homes-for-sale in the area, creating competition.

Here are two steps you can take to increase your chances of selling your home on the Boise, Idaho real estate market:

Renovation and Remodeling

The popular saying “first impressions last” could not be any more true in the world of real estate. If your home looks as if it’s about to cave in, your chances of selling your home are slim. After all, if the current occupant can’t maintain the front porch, what are the chances that the rest of the house is in good condition?

As such, pay close attention to the way your kitchen and bathrooms look, as these are two spaces that prospective buyers tend to really look at. In addition, having old windows replaced with green, energy-efficient ones can easily grab the attention of many young first-time homeowners. Not only do these remodeling projects make your home more attractive, it can easily raise initial bids from buyers, covering your remodeling expenses and more.

Professional Help

Many people try to save money by acting as their own real estate agent, but hiring an experienced Boise, Idaho real estate agent, such as Jaime Carmouche, will be a worthwhile investment. Professional realtors can help you determine the highest fair price for your home and connect you to a larger market of potential buyers.


(Article Excerpt and Image from Nine Ways to Make Your Home More Appealing to Buyers, Chicago Tribune)

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