How Long Will It Take To Sell My House?

Jamie Carmouche October 24, 2014

How Long Will It Take To Sell My Property?

There are numerous factors that affect how long it takes to sell a home, which is a pretty unsatisfying answer to the question.  The time of year, the condition of the home, the location, pricing and market conditions all affect the length of time your house will be on the market.

How Much Does Price Really Affect The Time It Takes To Sell My Home? Price is one of the single most important factors. It can be tempting to “try” the market and price your home well over what the comparative sales show, but you can end up losing a lot of prospective buyers in the process. When your home first hits the market, it goes out to a lot of potential buyers who are on automatic home lists, as well as to realtors looking for their clients. By overpricing you may discourage showings and your house may end up sitting on the market for longer than necessary.

Location, Location, Location. If your home is in a popular and coveted location, it will likely take much less time to sell than a location that has a lot of inventory or is in a less popular part of the city. Don’t despair though, the home will sell, it just might take some patience and perseverance.

What Is The Best Time Of Year To List My Home? Typically people are most inclined to shop for a new house in the spring and summer.  However, if you want to sell and it is fall or winter, don’t let that deter you. People buy houses all year long. It just might take a little longer to sell in the middle of winter.

Should I Put My House On The Market During The Holidays? When considering listing a house for sale during the holidays, it might be necessary to keep decorations pared down. Keeping a house clean for showings can be hard enough without also dealing with holiday get-togethers and parties. If this will add excessive stress, you might consider waiting until after the holiday season is over to list your home for sale.

Wondering how long it will take to sell your current home? Contact me for a market analysis specific to your home so that you know the exact market conditions for your area.

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